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The Project Board - How we implemented an Agile product road map.

Recently I gave a talk a the Newcastle Coders Group around the agile process that I and my colleagues have built up at work.  This talk covered a few areas but the key take away point that seems to interest people is how we applied agile techniques to higher level projects so that we could have a shared language with the stakeholders outside of the development team and our business could better understand what we're doing.   One of the problems that we've repeatedly encountered over the years is that stakeholders outside of our Product Development Team (PDT) are baffled when we say that we are running out of work.  We're faced with responses like "How can you be running out of work? We've told you about all these things that you haven't done yet!",  and of course we experience the counter point to that, "Why haven't you done this thing that I want yet? You can't be that busy", the inevitable answer to which is "Because we're