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JWT - Explain it to me like I'm 5

The following is a rough transcript of the talk I gave recently at the Newcastle JS meetup.  With the title JWT for 5 year olds. This was one of the most fun talks I've put together and one that I hope everyone enjoyed. Lets start with a story. This is Millie. Millie has been baking cookies. Millie has baked too many cookies and decides to take them to class. So she puts them in a box. She takes the box to the teacher and says "Miss! Miss! Miss! I baked some cookies, can I hand them out to the class?" The teacher looks at the cookies and says, "No! No you may not. If you want to hand out these cookies you need a note from you parent" Millie runs out to the car and gets her father to write a note. Millie takes the cookies and the note back to the teacher and asks "Miss! Miss! Miss! Here's my note, can I hand cookies out to the class?" The teacher looks at the note and the cookies and says, "Yes! yes you can. T