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Windows 8.1 on Minnow Board Max

Looking around at the tutorials getting a Minnow Board Max set up running Windows 8.1 appears more complex that it really is. 
 The following will run though the few easy steps that we took to get A Minnow Board Max running with Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro Evaluation and cover the pitfalls that took this job that should have been a few hours (mostly waiting for downloads and installs) and turned it into 5 man days over 3 calendar days. 
The TL;DR; version of this is  Use Rufus to create a bootable Windows install USB drive. Install Windows onto a hard drive not a SD card.  What you'll need.Get the required hardwareMinnowBoard Max.Micro HDMI to HDMI Converter and/or Cable.HDMI Monitor. 5v Power supply. USB Keyboard and mouse.Micro SD card. (Or other media to install on, Micro SD car is not fast enough)USB drive (I used a 2nd micro SD card in a converter).2nd machine running Windows to create the bootable drive.  I used my Windows 7 Pro development machine.Get the required softw…