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Reflections on speaking to an empty room.

I gave a talk on agile at DDD Sydney to a, nearly, empty room. It seemed a long fall from the standing room only session I gave on Postman just a year before. I was pretty disappointed by the turnout and I think I let my presentation suffer as a result. I've been giving some thought as to why the talk would get so few attendees. I think the key issues were the topic and the presenter. Agile is a topic that I expect most people feel that they know enough about and my talk was a very high level overview. I can see how it wouldn't attract the attention of the more experienced developers. The talk was originally proposed for the junior track but it was positioned on the general developer track. Looking at what was on the Junior track this makes sense. The junior track had some great talks from more junior developers than myself. In regards to turnout it means that much of the intended audience was in a different room. There is probably a large overlap with the junior track attend