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Solving jQuery not found issue with webpack-bootstrap & babel

Recently I was trying out es6 classes with React using Webpack and Babel to build and transpile the code. I got all that working, by switching out the react-loader for babel-loader. I had problems when I added bootstrap into the mix, console was reporting that there was problems locating jQuery (Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined). This is because the previous Webpack config I had been using had been using the Webpacks plugin architecture to load jQuery. This is not compatible with the Babel loader that I needed to transpile the es6 classes. I was able to get around this by loading jQuery as a global and referencing it from a cdn.

Intro to React - Slides and Demo code

I recently gave a presentation giving a high level overview of React JS. The presentation was quite high level. Introducing the JSX syntax and the component model. I am enjoying working with React and look forward to diving deeper into development with it and speaking more about it. Below you can find the slides and the demo code I used during the presentation. Presentation The presentation is hosted out of google docs. You can see the slides here Demo Code I've put the code I showed in a repository on Git Hub.