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Middle Stack Developer

"Hi I'm Klee." "What do I do? Well... I'm trying to coin to t erm Middle Stack Developer." was the way I introduced myself across my time at Web Directions Code this past week. I like the idea of calling myself a Middle Stack Developer because I don't like the term Full Stack Developer. I don't believe that one person is able to fill out all the roles of a software delivery team. No, not even with so many companies providing SASS solutions that effectively provide specialists as a service.  What's a Middle Stack Developer? A general purpose developer, a willing generalist, someone who is happy to work across the the scope of software deployment and delivery while acknowledging that there will be places where they need to differ to a specialist. That is to say I can work in the browser but need someone to help me make things accessible and beautiful. I'm comfortable with Cloudformation but you'll need someone else to make your AWS insta