Middle Stack Developer

"Hi I'm Klee." "What do I do? Well... I'm trying to coin to term Middle Stack Developer." was the way I introduced myself across my time at Web Directions Code this past week.

I like the idea of calling myself a Middle Stack Developer because I don't like the term Full Stack Developer. I don't believe that one person is able to fill out all the roles of a software delivery team. No, not even with so many companies providing SASS solutions that effectively provide specialists as a service. 

What's a Middle Stack Developer? A general purpose developer, a willing generalist, someone who is happy to work across the the scope of software deployment and delivery while acknowledging that there will be places where they need to differ to a specialist.

That is to say I can work in the browser but need someone to help me make things accessible and beautiful. I'm comfortable with Cloudformation but you'll need someone else to make your AWS instance PCI compliant. I can work with a database but wont be able to define a multi region sharding strategy. I love agile and software development best practices but might not be the best person to drive your organizational change.

In the end my point is a Middle Stack Developer fills out the middle of the software solution. The gooey nougat goodness the is the center of the chocolate bar while the specialists harden the edges with amazing chocolate. In some areas the chocolate will be thinner and some areas it will be thicker and some times the nougat may even poke through, but in the end nougat and chocolate working together is better than either on their own.

I may not always be a Middle Stack Developer but for the moment, I think it's the best way to describe how I see myself with in a software team.


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