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Require is like new; An argument for DI in Node.js

As I continue my journey in Node.js I have been looking into unit testing. I typically practice TDD but while I was getting started with Node and everything was simple I was happy to play with manual testing and restarts. I picked Mocha as a test framework. One thing I noticed quickly looking at Mocha was that the examples were simple, adding a few numbers together or checking the type of a return value.   Having come to Node from C# I had require littered through my code like they were using statements,  When I tried to implement some tests against the basic logic I had put together I quickly ran into a problem, that was not covered by the simple Mocha examples.  The problem arose because require is not a using statement, it directly provides code from other modules meaning that the code referenced is invoked in the tests. I went looking for ways to mock out the require statement. As I was looking it occurred to me that mocking require is possibly not the best way to do it. In C