Can't resolve DNS Aws

I recently registered a domain for a joke website  I figured I could whip up the page in a couple of minutes and throw it up on AWS using S3 static site hosting.  All done in an hour or so. What I thought would take an hour ended up in a multi-day ordeal while I tried to get the DNS to resolve.  I went through what seem to be the typical problems.
  • The bucket wasn't configured to be accessible as a website.
  • My bucket wasn't named the same as the website; the bucket needed to be to match the domain
I got these fixed up and found that it still wasn't working.
 I added extra routes in to see if I could Alias or CNAME to a known working site, but they didn't work either. So it seemed it was a problem with something to do with the DNS configuration.

After searching around I found a mention in a thread that the name server records in the hosted zone needed to match those in the domain name registration.  In attempting to get the hosted zone to recognise the bucket I had deleted the one created by default when I registered the domain.  The new hosted zone did not have matching name servers to the domain name.  I updated the domain's name servers to match that of the hosted zone, and BAM! name resolution.

So in the end I needed to make sure that the domain name servers:
Route 53 > Registered domains >

matched those in the hosted zone:
Route 53 > Hosted zones >


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