2018 Goals

The following are some professional goals I have for 2018. I'm hesitant to call them New Years Resolutions because these goals have emerged over the course of 2017 and are not a spur of the moment list that I've come up with on the 1st of January. That and I have never liked the concept of New Years Resolutions they seem flimsy, unplanned and all too often they seem to be forgotten by the end of January.

So that said this year I aim to:
  • Blog More: In 2017 I posted 9 blogs, not including this one. So I'd like to get at least 10. I'll give myself bonus points if I can average out at 1 a month. 
  • Speak More: in 2017 I spoke at my first conference, DDD Sydney. I'd ideally like to increase that but at least speak a 1 and give several user group talks. That leads to...
  • Submit More CFPs: Last year I only submitted 1. Without giving it much consideration a minimum of 5 seems like a good minimum for this goal. 
  • Keep Coding: This one is a little less S.M.A.R.T. but I really like software development and with my overarching goal of speaking and blogging more I don't want to stop writing code, both at work and in my spare time. 
  • Keep My Job: This should be a bit of a gimmie, but I'd like to have it down anyway. I like my job, I like the people I work with and I want to stay there. Extraneous circumstances aside I'd like to not change jobs in the next 12 months.
I've put this down publicly with the dual purposes of keeping track of my goals and to hopefully inspire me to be open about completing them, or even failing to. 


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