How do you find conferences to speak at?

Ahead of the Global Diversity CFP Day that I and some others are organising in Newcastle I was thinking of what questions I'd ask. A question that has always bothered me is how do speakers find out about conferences in time to submit a proposal?

I went to Twitter to see what help I could get from the wider community.

The answer I got from people on Twitter was largely to follow some accounts on Twitter.

For ease I've combined these into a Twitter list

The other suggestion was to follow conferences that you're interested in on Twitter.
I've also got a Twitter List for conferences. By virtue of the fact that I'm not a big traveller it's got an Australian focus. 

If you think there are any other accounts I should add to this list let me know here or on Twitter @kleeut.

Readify (Telstra Purple) have a handy list of Australian events

I was given this suggestion though it feels like a list of more academic conferences than the industry conferences I was looking for.

A notable mention was @johnallsopp who shouted out his conference series Web Directions. I think Web Directions is worth a mention because they keep their CFP submissions open all year, which always seemed like a great idea to me. 


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